0.030" Over MotorSports

Thirty Over MotorSports is the home of my racing efforts. The product of more than one fertile imagination, it arose from the remains of the Glasnost Garage, a casualty of the end of the overheating war. Loosely associated with The Fat Chance Garage & Brewery , The Dimebank Garage The South Lansing Centre and others, 0.030 Over MotorSports was created in 1991, during the fall of the Evil Empire.(tm)

Located in various spots over the years, including stints in Texas, Masacussetts, California, and Wisconsin, 30 Over has finally settled in the rural farmland of northern Rensselaer County, about 5 miles north of Troy, N.Y. The place now looks like this.

Thirty Over participates in several forms of autosport. Road Racing, Autocross, and rallye.

30 Over Motorsports supplies the following bits to fellow motoring enthusiasts:

Contact us if you're interested in any of the above.

30 Over maintains a stable of Triumphs and other motorcars. You might just say that we are a little afflicted.

In addition, I'm always fascinated by weird and unusual cars. When in England I spotted these two. Ten points to anyone who can identify both of them correctly...

For others interested in Triumphs, you might want to check the Vintage Triumph Register.

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