0.030" Over MotorSports GT-6 MK III

We own two Triumph GT-6's, a 1968 MK II, aka a GT-6+, and a 73 MK III. The MK III was purchased with 56K miles on it in the spring of 1991 for the grand sum of $675. Since then we've put a few dollars into it, repairing the missing front 1.5" of the hood, rebuilt the front and rear suspension with derlin bushings, SPAX shocks, and springs from the The Fat Chance Garage. It still needs a real paint job, a new floor, and a few other tidbits, but for a 23 year old car it's holding up pretty well.

In 1994 we ventured to the Vintage Triumph Register national meet in Asheville SC for a week of rallying, autocrossing, and hanging out with several hundred other Triumph nuts. The pictures below were taken there or on the way there.

There are a number of pictures of the 1973 Mk III

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