0.030" Over MotorSports 1964 Spitfire Mk I

As an avid autocrosser of the 76 TR-6 and someone who loved race cars, it was only natural that I gravitate toward racing a Triumph. I really wanted a TR-6 as a race car, or perhaps a TR-250. But just couldn't afford it. A solid TR-6 was in the 3-5K range and there was no way that was going to happen. But whilst out looking at a very rusty TR-250 I found a 64 Spit that had been a race car since 1967. A deal was struck and I took it home.

The car was rough. The most horrid green colour that you've ever seen, it needed brakes in the front, a good solid tuneup, rebuilt carbs, a full rollcage, new seat, new accelerator linkage, and a few other goodies sprinkled around. But after a year or so of work, it was ready to go.

We autocrossed it a few times. In the second event, the oil pump siezed. This was a harbinger of Things To Come. Since then, we've gone through four 1147cc engine blocks and 5 crankshafts. Seems the old Spit motors have this little oiling problem...But I think we've finally got it sorted out, and will have the Killer motor in in the spring of 96.

In April of 1995 the Spit actually took a green flag for the first time. There had been other attempts, but we never made the show due to engine failure. That day was grey and cold, like many at Lime Rock Park, but 20 laps later the cheker flew and we had won the race. At the next outing in June, we lasted the whole 17 laps and took second, with the flywheel separating from the crankshaft as we crossed the finish line.

The 1995 season has been fun-filled. Twice now we've lost the driver's rear wheel somewhere on course, leading to some exciting rides, but little damage otehr than to the wallet. The 95 season closes on October 23rd in New Hampshire at the Race Against Leukemia. We may make the run. If so, expect to see a few changes in the lug nut department...

There are a number of pictures of the 1964 Spitfire G Production race car in action:

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